Legislative Council Election System – Initial Proposal

Alliance for True Democracy

Legislative Council Election System – Initial Proposal, and inviting comments.

1. Proposed government consultation models presented at this juncture must include  full consideration for arrangements in the 2016 and 2020 elections.

2. We fight for abolition of all functional constituency seats in 2016, and are adamant that such full-scale abolition must be implemented by 2020 at the latest.

3. In view of the current Legislative Council workload, the number of seats should be increased accordingly, except the number of functional constituency seats must not be increased under any circumstance.

4. A legislature whose seats are all returned by universal suffrage should consider adopting mixed election methods, including:

  • A. Single seat, single vote in geographical constituencies, returned by simple majority;
  • B. The whole of Hong Kong as one single constituency, returned by proportional representation system;
  • C. The whole of Hong Kong divided into a certain amount of constituencies, returned by proportional representation system.
    Each voter will have two votes.

5. If not all functional constituency seats can be scrapped in 2016, their percentage in the legislature should come down by a certain range — through merging some of the functional constituency seats and raising the number of directly elected seats.

6. The split voting system should be scrapped after the 2016 Legislative Council election.