20131230 Alliance for True Democracy Launches a “One Citizen, One Letter” Campaign

Alliance for True Democracy (ATD) launches a “One Citizen, One Letter” campaign, and invites citizens respond to the consultation on constitutional reform.

The SAR Government published the consultation document of Method for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016, and initiated the public consultation on constitutional reform. ATD considers the consultation document carries information which is misleading and incomplete, and which does not contribute to meaningful political reform deliberations.

ATD now launches a “One Citizen, One Letter” campaign to encourage citizens to respond to the consultation document. Template of the letter lists several key issues on constitutional reform, including civil nomination, objection to political screening, objection to “organisational nomination”, etc. Citizens may choose the statements to which they agree. ATD also invites citizens to write down their personal comments and express their own views.

ATD will distribute the template in the January 1st rally, invite citizens to complete the letter on the spot, or submit it to the government by themselves. ATD also uploads the template on its website, citizens may thus download it from www.atd.hk/en/?p=168, and return it to the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau via e-mail, fax, or by post. ATD plans to setup street stations in February next year, offering further opportunities for citizens to join the campaign.

Template of “One Citizen, One Letter” (word)
Template of “One Citizen, One Letter” (pdf)

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